FCM Playground

FCM Playground application lets you build, execute, and train fuzzy cognitive maps using a simple, intuitive interface.

What is it?

FCM Playground is a research project aimed at studying Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCM):

  • simulation models, learning algorithms, new and experimental features;
  • integration with programming languages and platforms.

Foundation of FCM Playground is JFCM (Java Fuzzy Cognitive Maps) library, an open source FCM engine written in Java by Dimitri De Franciscis. JFCM is very flexible and can be easily extended, thus is the right choice for experimental projects like FCM Playground.

Graphical editor

FCM Playground comes with an online graphical editor that can help you model your FCMs as long as trying out different learning algorithms or simulation scenarios.

Fuzzy Cognitive Map editor snapshot

Data sources

FCM Playground can be easily deployed in a cloud-based environment, so there's no limit on the amount of data you can upload. This makes it possible to analyze large datasets and train FCMs with more accuracy.

Learning Algorithms

Your maps can be trained using a selection of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms. You can compare results, create reports and ultimately find the best solution for your problem.

Beta invitation program

FCM Playground is still under heavy development and can be accessed only by invitation. If you'd like to be part of our "Beta program" just register yourself and we'll give you access to early previews:

Request invitation!

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